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Frequently asked questions

Browser is opening multiple new tabs on start?
This might be because your browser is set to open a new tab and SquarePage is also set to open at start. Go into SquarePage Settings and uncheck "Open at browser start"
Can I change my search provider?
Yes. Almost all widgets can be customized. Mouse over the search box, and in the top right corner you should see three-vertical dots (or an edit button). That should allow you to edit your search provider.
My page is running slow!
Check that you are not using live or animated backgrounds. You may also want to restart your browser. If its still slow, please contact us so we can investigate and help to improve performance. Thank you.
How do I remove?
We're sorry you would like to remove the extension. Please feel free to send us a message via Contact Us and we will try to help solve any issues you have. If you would still like to remove, you can do so by going to our uninstall guide, its easy!

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