Version 6.1.2

### Added
* Testing new search in top area as a quick way to search on search-only page (new feature)
* Highlight when mouse over top bar

### Changed
* Page menu now shows even if user has only 1 page
* All backgrounds will now use onblack look to keep text readable

Version 6.1.1

Minor update for performance improvements.

### Changed
* Removed some unused code to improve performance

### Fixed
* Fixed Microsoft Edge for default internal links in the quick links folder

Version 6.1.0

We decided to roll out even more features! With the weather widget, you can now click to open more details. This update fixes and improves many things as well as opens up new types of features for the future.

We have also fixed the accuracy of the current weather widgets. I know some of you have reported this; and finally, we were able to find the root of the problem.

We hope you enjoy these upgrades!

### Added
* Widgets now have the ability to be expanded into more details (overlays)
* Added a new weather overlay (and design with new icons) when clicking on weather widgets
* Added new shortcut widgets, the ability to click shortcut-like widgets to expand into overlays
* Added a shortcut widget for weather, directions and locations
* Added helpful guides for new users

### Changed
* Redesigned search-only page with 2 rows of perfectly aligned widgets (shorcuts) and weather above search box
* Improved performance for shortcuts, widgets and folders
* Updated storage to only store what is needed for user preference (reducing storage usage)
* Reduced shortcut font size for more legibility for all device sizes
* Reduced code size by removing older unused components and libraries
* Minor design changes to make things clear and simple

### Fixed
* Fixed issue when removing pages, it didn't remove all its widgets from storage

Version 6.0.0

We've released a major update today which fixes and improves many features. Most notability, we have added folders! You can now organize your shortcuts into folders, just drag and drop into the folder icon, and as an added bonus, you can change the folder color. As always, keep sending us your feedback!

### Added
* New folder widget with number of items in folder
* Added confirmation on removing folder with contents
* Added many color options for folders
* Shortcuts can be dragged into folders
* Shortcuts now have "move to page" edit option to remove from folder
* Shortcuts inside folders can be dragged to position allowing user to sort
* Added 3 more shortcut icons
* Added firefox internal links "about:" to be allowed in shortcuts
* Added internal links for chrome extensions, settings, bookmarks, passwords and history to shortcut library

### Changed
* Email menu item now underlines and acts like a link rather than a button
* Improved the formatting of the shortcut edit options
* Improved shortcut visiblity on light/dark mode backgrounds
* Improved scrollbars for light/darkmode
* Removed allow_scroll beta option and enabled scroll for all users

### Fixed
* Fixed syncing email settings form extension storage to local (low impact)
* Fixed an issue where widget data was being duplicated in two locations
* Fixed input fields autofill (removing chromes try to autofill some fields)
* Fixed issue where you could no longer change the page default
* Fixed issue when updates are released, the new tab (NTP) is no longer reverted back to default upon reload
* Fixed UI issue on small screens when scrolling on settings -> about were scroll couldnt reach the end
* Fixed scrollbar theming on Firefox

Version 5.2.0

With this update, you'll now have a quick way to access your email across all pages, either selecting your email provider or adding your own. As always, keep sending us your feedback!

### Added
* Added new email quick link at top menu
* Added new email provider selection and add your own email
* Added just an email icon if no email text (in custom) is setup
* Added new "Hide email" in general settings
* Added a loader animation for images/videos with click ability to refresh list
* Added network connection check will display "No Internet Connection"
* Search-only page now has the ability to change default search engine in settings

### Changed
* Removed FAQ tab in settings since there's an online page for it now
* Updated and reformatted the about section to be more clear
* Ability to remove search widget on edit menu
* Weather widget moved to 7pm instead of 5pm to show night images
* Reduced SquarePage logo size
* Minor format, alignments and design tweaks

Version 5.1.0

We've added URL quick links into search suggestions for faster access to your favorite websites! Of course, you can always easily remove a url from history and it will prevent it from appearing in quick links in the future.

### Added
* Search suggestions now have user history quicklinks with ability to remove

### Changed
* Maps/locations widgets improvements to widget header
* Restored search box and suggestions to allow dark mode version (since v4.10.0)
* Improved visibility of action buttons
* Updated resource/site links
* Few various other improvements for new users

Version 5.0 Released!

I'm pleased to announce that we've released version 5. The major version update is partly due to the data stored on the extension itself. We've implemented a new way to store your widgets and their data, this will improve performance and any sync related issues. It will also open the door for us to move forward with cross-browser syncing.

### Changed
* Updated Extension Store links
* Implemented new storage data to v2 (using new repository format)
* Can only sync data from app version 4 and above
* Improved styling of page create overlay/icons and theming
* Improved input fields
* URL Suggestions now have arrow like wikipedia
* Reduced size of background and add widget buttons
* Misc/minor design changes

### Fixed
* Fixed issue where syncing data could cause it to merge and keep existing pages
* Fixed text shadows on animated squares with light mode
* Fixed todo list issue with unable to remove items
* Fixed field inputs on darkmode where the text was unreadable
* Fixed removed the "remove" button from create shortcut overlay
* Fixed shortcut overlay now resets fields when opened each time
* Fixed notes widget header color (now matches selected color)

Version 4.10.0

This update includes many improvements

### Changed
* Improved light-mode square background
* Improved square background performance
* Improved widget/shortcut menu icon for dark/light modes
* Tint background feature now on by default for all image/video backgrounds
* Removed tint feature option from settings
* Update Square logo to SquarePage

Version 4.9.0

This update includes many new beta features and improvements overall.
You can now create pages using the new page preset options.

### Added
* New page presets, Blank, Standard, Minimal, and Productive
* Added new light/dark mode page preset icons
* Added new beta feature for blur effect on background images
* Added new beta feature for tint effect on background images
* Added new beta feature for page scrolling (and transparent scrollbars)

### Changed
* If dark mode is set, it will be carried over when creating a new page
* Creating page overlay now persistent so you dont accidentally click off
* Removed the v3 to v4 conversion script since everyone should be converted now
* Removed background script from pulling v3 data

### Fixed
* Fixed New page name now uses the correct number by default
* Fixed creating page steps so you cant go back to 1 or 2 if page has been created
* Fixed issue in settings for pages not registering new changes when adding or deleting pages.
* Potential fix for loading widgets on page with a min width/height of box

Version 4.8.4

### Changed
* Improved the new user flow to help guide (All new users now see the overlay)

Version 4.8.3

### Changed
* Settings panel will now allow search-only pages to use widgets

Version 4.8.1

### Fixed
* Fixed search to detect urls and send directly to URL even without http:// 
* Calculator removing js eval function and using built-in equation logic

Version 4.8.0

### Added
* Added new calculator widget
* Ability to change widget (replace) on the search-only page
* Search-only page widget overlay will now show you which widget you currently use

### Changed
* Maps widget can now be optional on either field, but needs one field to run

### Fixed
* Fixed issue where widget on search page still had the resize placeholder

Version 4.7.3

### Changed
* Added new welcome overlay for new users
* Changed extension name to Square Start Page
* Minor code clean up

Version 4.7.2

### Changed
* Suggestions will open new tabs
* Browser action icon now has a short name
* Install now takes you to index.html to improve performance

### Fixed
* Browser action icon now correctly takes you to the Square start page

Version 4.7.0

### Added
* Math equations to search suggestions
* Spelling check to search suggestions 

### Changed
* Improved firefox settings options
* Improved search suggestion UX

### Fixed
* Search suggestions fixed border if on light mode
* Restored the search focus mode on search-only pages
* Fixed error when using parentheses in search
* Fixed search suggestions upon error from apis

Version 4.6.2

### Fixed
* Fixed dropdown suggestions on firefox
* Improved shortcut performance
* Search suggestion wasnt showing during unknown mode
* Fixed shortcuts double open when using middle mouse button

Version 4.6.0

### Added
* Added Wikipedia as a search source
* Added new search suggestion system, completely re-written
* Added wikipedia into the suggestions

### Changed
* Components refactored for the use of tree-shaking
* Changed shortcuts to using direct links, so users can middle click to open new tabs
* Improved search selection
* Removed the quick search select (due to other issues)

### Fixed
* Weather now shows the current location as a backup default selection

Version 4.5.0

### Changed
* No longer updates the shortcut url even if its invaild
* Updated error page, cleaner and more user friendly 
* Removed the mouse hover opacity on search-only page widgets
* Updated permissions/manifest removing frames and ALL external scripts

### Fixed
* Fixed shortcut validation to only check the url scheme is valid before attempting to add http://
* Fixed content security by removing any frames and no longer allowing external scripts
* Minor fixes with search customizations

Version 4.4.3

### Changed
* Updated minor text/wording

### Fixed
* Fixed issue with open at start happening when extension is updated
* Update check improvements to fix duplication

Version 4.4.1

### Added
* Added FAQ section to answer user's most frequently asked questions.

### Fixed
* Fixed check with v4 update to be sure v3 users are converted over without losing their data.
* Improved speed of "open at start" setting so that its faster on browser startup

Version 4.4.0

### Added
* New dynamic layout in rotation on new users
* Added support to open up chrome:// and edge:// internal urls via shortcuts
* Added 10 more icons to customize shortcuts
* Added ability to reset/delete all data
* Added ability to restore data across multiple devices

### Changed
* Added more font sizes for the time/date widget

### Fixed
* Fixed initial device detection on converting v3 users over to v4
* Fixed shortcut valid url check, and auto add the http:// protocol if missing
* Improved speed of url addr

Version 4.3.0

### Added
* Searching for URL will go straight to the URL instead of making a search request
* Adds a new search widget when a new page is created
* Ability to upload custom images (custom backgrounds)

Version 4.2.0

### Added
* Search page now has the ability to display a widget

### Changed
* Minor design updates for the search-only page

### Fixed
* Weather widget forecast icons now load correctly

Version 4.1.0

### Added 
* Customize page options for background, shortcuts, and widgets within the settings panel (quick access)
* Added notification to shortcuts/widgets on search-only pages.
* Added (restored) the search suggestion system to improve user experience 

### Changed
* Default settings for open on start Firefox by default
* Improved search optimization settings

Version 4.0.5

### Added
* Added the about square section to share the version, author and marketplaces 

### Changed
* Improved date/time widget edit options
* Improved maps/locations widgets

Version 4.0

### Changed
* New version 4, merging the original app version of 3.0.5 and extension version of 2.3.30
* New live backgrounds
* New offline-mode (no longer runs from a server)
This changelog is truncated prior to version 4.